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Narrative Viewpoint Excercise on "Captain Corelli's Mandolin"

Narrative Viewpoint

A. Identify the style of narration for each passage below.

B. Consider the extent of the point of view. For example, how omniscient or limited
is it?

C. In addition, can you identify the narrator's attitude towards characters or

D. Identify adjectives and phrases that show the narrator's tone.

The following extracts are from Captain Corelli’s Mandolin by Louis De Bernieres

Ch. 1. Dr Iannis Commences his History and is Frustrated

Dr Iannis had enjoyed a satisfactory day in which none of his patients had died or got any worse. He had attended a surprisingly easy calving, lanced one abscess, extracted a molar, dosed one lady of easy virtue with Salvarsan, performed and unpleasant but spectacularly fruitful enema, and had produced a miracle by a feat of medical prestidigitation.

Ch. 2. The Duce

Come here. Yes, you. Now tell me something; which is my best profile, right or left? Really, do you think so? I am not so sure. I think that perhaps the lower lip has a better set on the other side. O, you agree do you? I suppose you agree with everything I say? O you do. Then how am I supposed to rely on your judgement?

Ch. 8. A Funny Kind of Cat

Lemoni ran into the courtyard of Dr Iannis’ house just as he was departing for the kapheneion for breakfast; he had been planning to meet all the mangas there and argue about the problems of the world.

Ch. 4. L’Omosessuale

I, Carlo Piero Guercio, write these words with the intention that they should be found after my death, when neither scorn nor loss of reputation may dog my steps nor blemish me.

Ch. 16 Letters to Mandras at the Front


I have heard nothing from you for such a long time, you have not written since that sad day that I saw you off from Sami. I have written to you every day, and I am beginning to suppose that you never got my letters, or that your replies do not reach me on account of the war.

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