Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Operation White Noise Steps Into The Limelight

Jim Sinclair's latest missive is articulated just as only he can.

Operation White Noise Steps Into The Limelight Author: Jim Sinclair

Dear CIGAs,
I told you so.
“Operation White Noise,” the attempt to hide the breakdown in credit structured products (over the counter credit derivative meltdown) is a make believe dyke starting to leak badly.
If the credit problem was being repaired then why set up a fund at all? This is a $20 trillion dollar problem with a total over the counter problem size of $450 trillion worldwide. You can be sure that all holders of all kinds of structured products are looking very carefully at the cartoon called market to model because there is no market to mark to.
I do not find benefit in going into large dissertations on the simple conclusion I have been trying to drive home.
This is it.
The model is the Weimar Republic.
The catalyst of the cataclysm is a failure in over the counter derivatives.
The price of gold is a product of the trend in the US dollar.
The price of the dollar is controlled by my Formula. Click here to review the Formula.
The US dollar is going to .7200, .6200 and then on its way to .5600 USDX.
Gold is therefore headed right now to $782, a Cherub on its way to $848 - $852 before moving onward to four figures and $1650.
Every Angel will be touched and exceeded.

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