Sunday, 10 February 2008

WELCOME to visitors from Goldtent

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Ever since Fullgoldcrown's post there has been a rush of visitors to this site from Goldtent, the premier site for gold and silverbugs on the Net. I feel honoured to receive fellow goldbugs. I just wish my site was easier to navigate because I've made several gold, silver and bank related posts since last July. If I had my chance to start again I would have used Wordpress. However, try the labels on this post and likely words in the search box.

When the exams are on and the students are at college I tend to post more on literature. Otherwise it's gold and related topics that interest me.

Whoever you are, welcome and may we all profit from the coming major rise in gold and silver with their related equities!

Thanks also to Fullgoldcrown, an administrator at Goldtent, for his generous comments. I need to join your site to comment and I'll do so ASAP!

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