Friday, 22 August 2008

"I Remember, I Remember" by Thomas Hood

As the new term approaches I thought I'd prepare a little by placing a few expressive performances of poems for my incoming students who will study them for their AS Literature. This poem is selected by the Exam Board (Edexcel) from the class text: The Oxford Anthology of English Poetry Volume II: Blake to Heaney, ed. John Wain (Oxford, 2003) ISBN-10019280422

The Exam Board places this poem under the theme of home for the poetry element of Unit 1, Explorations of prose and poetry. Of course the related themes are: innocence and experience ,age and youth, and life and death, are also significant when exploring the theme of home. Perhaps faith too is another theme related to the rest

Eleanor Bron's reading is nicely expressive and well pitched.

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