Friday, 30 January 2009

A radio interview on the life and art of D.H. Lawrence

D.H. Lawrence: The Middle Years. Internet Talk Radio provides a rebroadcast of the American public radio program, Dialogue, in which George Seay interviews Mark Kinkead-Weekes on the art of D.H. Lawrence.

One of the autobiographical poems on the Edxecel's syllabus for the theme of home is "End of Another Home Holiday". Lawrence's first person narrator reveals his tortured soul as the poem's central tension on his feelings of guilt for leaving his aging, possibly dying mother and returning to Croydon, probably to his new love Louie Burrows. 

The poem's form, free verse, expands and contracts as Lawrence's emotions and feelings of reproach are experienced. The rhythm of the poem also "lingers" over particularly painful "feelings" as Lawrence stays up all night exploring, sometimes in a creatively distracting manner, his conscience.

For students who would like to enhance their knowledge of D.H. Lawrence this interview on his life is well worth listening to.

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