Monday, 16 February 2009

The UK - a land where workers have fewer rights than ANYWHERE else in Europe

The sacking of the "agency" BMW workers where they only received "one hour's notice" is just one of the "fruits" of Tony Blair and P.M. Brown's proudly proclaimed "opt outs" from workers' rights, such as "the working time directive" and other rights which would have protected agency workers; workers who would never have been "agency workers" in the first place had they the luck to be citizens in other, less punitive, European Union states. 

The trades unions have also conspired against their members by drawing their own generous salaries, no doubt enhanced by commissions for selling home and car insurance, and the like, instead of striving to protect and improve the working rights and conditions of their members. Like the "watchdogs" who failed to monitor Britain's banks and other financial institutions Britain's trade unions have, with only rare exceptions, embraced consumer style capitalism and forgotten what they formed to do!

When British workers wake up to having been sold out "for years" by successive governments, their media and their unions there will be hell to pay in that increasingly impoverished country.

The "muddy trench" of Labour's "Third Way" has been the consumer strewn path to oblivion - for everyone.

The YouTube video shot by one of the workers shows the shameful collusion of the union, Unite, with its officials representing management telling the workers that they were sacked. The Union were in talks with BMW's management for three weeks but said nothing to the agency workers until an hour before they were sacked. The workers had PAID DUES to the union but union representation was an illusion. Notice how the union representatives look like middle-aged skinhead thugs whereas the workers are mostly immigrants. The union "representatives" show little sympathy and actually say that they support the reduction of shifts that led to the sacking of the agency workers. The collusion of unions with big business and in the public sector has led to the betrayal of workers' rights for 'geld' and position over the last thirty years. This just could not have happened in the 1970s.

The union officials in the video are the modern equivalent of the Jewish policemen in the Warsaw Ghetto. Too many unions have allowed themselves to become management's industrial police men and women. Their exposure as such will become even more evident as the banker induced 'Depression' hits home over the next few years.

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