Sunday, 3 May 2009

The Poetry Terminology Quiz by Famous Poems.Org

I took the Poetry Terminology Quiz at Famous
My results:

Ultimate Poetry Guru!

My Score
The average quiz taker scored 65%, while I scored a whopping 100%!
How's that for a poetry expert?
Think you can do better? Head to the Famous Poems Library and Take the Quiz!

"Amazing! We don't know how you did it, but there it is, right as rain. Only a handful of people has ever scored perfectly on our quiz. And hundreds, if not thousands, of future quiz takers will try to do what you've just done and fail miserably. You've got a gift, my friend!"

I did this for a laugh; however, it would have been an embarrassment to get less than 100% as I teach the study of poetry for a living! However, for some fun-time revision, see how well you can do!

Here's another brief quiz with some broader questions on poetry through the ages:

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