Saturday, 4 February 2012

Naturalistic and Heightened Speech in Shakespeare and Interpretations of Shylock

This clips are excellent for understanding how Shakespeare uses a mix of naturalistic and heightened speech. John Barton's masterly TV series from the early 1980s is the best of its kind. More can be learned from single 45 minute episode than years from lesser teachers. If you are finding Shakespeare's language difficult, use this clip and others on You Tube to unlock and appreciate Shakespeare.

Most of these clips use The Merchant of Venice as their text for examples. The TV series was titled, "Playing Shakespeare." It is now available on DVD.

Naturalistic and Heightened Speech

Shylock from Playing Shakespeare

David Suchet and Patrict Suchet talk about playing Shylock

Patrick Stewart and David Suchet discuss the domestic scene in Shylock's house

Patrick Stewart and David Suchet exchange roles playing Shylock's "Hath not a Jew eyes?" (Critical for the theme of revenge under guise of outraged humanity.)

Shylock's meeting with Tubal where his "money love" is greater than his love for his daughter

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