Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Music Quiz for Collegiate Day

There are two quizes and you will be paired with someone from the same Hall.

The first is for 20 minutes.
The second lasts for 10 minutes. 

In the first quiz you can pause and replay the 4 second extracts; then type in the songs' titles in any order.

In the second quiz you will need to type the song title for 2009 with the artist. But remember that the clock will still be counting down.

Quiz number 1 (20 minutes)

Quiz number 2 (10 minutes)

Mr Ballard or I will visit you at the end of each quiz to collect your scores. We will need your names and your Halls.

The highest scores from students and their Halls will be passed on so that awards can be made in our next Area Meeting.

When you have finished, have a go for 20-30 minutes at a funYouTube quiz like this one:


or, this one:


Of course, you can choose your own! Unfortunately, there are no points for these YouTube quizzes.



John B. Kurth said...

First time I stumbled upon such quizzes. Always thought they were only available as IPhone games. Enjoyed this anyway.

John B. Kurth said...

This music quiz is fun. Though such gave me a hard time.

John Kurth said...

Interesting music quiz. Thanks for sharing this.

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