Saturday, 15 December 2007

An animated version of "I am" by John Clare


Gnomechewer said...

Hey! This is my video, cool.

I just wanted to add a comment to this, in regards to poetry: I had never really been into poetry until I heard this poem, "I Am". I'm still not into it, but this particular poem was actually quite moving. If you get a chance to read about what was going on in the author's life while he was writing it, it's actually very impressive at how well he was able to convey his emotions... to the point where you can feel it from his exact perspective. I've always felt that sadness is probably the easiest emotion to convey, as opposed to humor or fear, but this guy took it beyond sad... seriously. He pretty much stripped me naked, threw me in a hole, and turned of the lights... with his words.

Dog said...

Thanks, for that, Gnomechewer.

I thought that this was a great piece of work and thank you for producing this video and sharing it on Youtube.

BTW I showed it to my highschool class I they loved it, too. One student was preparing a presentation on this poem and she said that it was a great video and she was thinking of using it in her presentation.

Best wishes,


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