Friday, 19 September 2008

AS Poetry The Historical Context for Romantic Poetry AO4

The Romantic composer, Beethoven creating music from his imagination
Year 12 (AO4. The Historical Context)
Find out about:
· Neo classicism and the significance of reason, rationality and science in the seventeenth century (1700s) . How was it represented in art (poetry, art, music, literature, etc.?)
· Romanticism (which poets were in the first wave and which in the second? Did they differ in their treatment of Romanticism?)
· How the imagination was considered important by some as a reaction against neoclassicism in the late seventeenth (1700s) and early eighteenth centuries (1800s.)

Consider the poems that you have already studied in class and think how you can apply the concept of Romanticism and the importance of the imagination.

Check the power-points on the system and use the folders that include mini essays on these topics. You can also do an internet search for this information. Ask Richard in the Library where relevant books and articles might be to help you with your research. Make notes on a pad or on Word so you can use them for feedback in class.

There will be a class test on the two poems and on this background information next week!

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