Wednesday, 25 May 2011

"Captain Corelli's Mandolin" and "The Great Gatsby"

Remember that the share of the  marks for the Edexcel Exam for Unit 3 are as follows:

AO1 - 10 marks.  Understanding the texts, using key terms and producing a coherent, written argument in your essay.

AO2 - 10 marks.  Applying Language Form and Structure as relevant to your argument.

AO3 - 20 marks. Making connections and comparisons between the texts; applying your own and different interpretations of the texts to your chosen passages/chapters/poems, etc. as appropriate.

AO 4 - 20 marks. Applying the historical and literary contexts and the ability to examine how the texts were received by different readers over time from when  published to our time.

These are links to posts which address several AOs on Captain Corelli's Mandolin and The Great Gatsby .

Themes and ideas which connect the novels:

The modern context for CCM

Various posts on CCM

More notes with concept maps for CCM

Even older notes for CCM but still relevant, even if for the old syllabus

The Great Gatsby notes and links to other resources

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