Sunday, 29 May 2011

Creative Revision: how to write a sonnet in iambic pentameter for Unit3

Creative Revision for Unit 3 Exam
(1) Try writing a sonnet in the voice of one of the characters that you read from a novel.  For instance,  you could choose "Captain Corelli's Mandolin" or "The Great Gatsby." You could select an appropriate chapter or passage and formulate your sonnet around the one or more the novels' significant themes: the position of women, history and the past, honour/dishonour, war and waste, parental or filial love, romantic love, madness, etc. Choose a chapter and consider its main theme/idea for your topic! Why not incorporate some the the novel's key images, motifs, symbols, style, etc. from this chapter. Get a friend to see if he/she can apply one or more interpretations of your text for AO3. How would your sonnet be read for AO4?

(2) Alternatively in prose, try your hand at changing the form of a chapter, say writing a letter or journal entry which enables you to produce a character's thoughts as they reflectabout an significant event in a chapter; aim to write in the style of an author you have studied. After changing the perspective in a passage or chapter try to produce a passage of writing which "confronts readers with powerful emotions." How would your passages be read over time? What approaches to your texts by other readers would be most appropriate and why?

(3) In pairs: produce a concept/mind map on at least two exam texts based on a past exam question. Use colour, images and appropriate symbols, etc. and AO3-4 to bring your maps to life.

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