Thursday, 16 August 2007

Depth Charges! Sitting Tight and Trying Not to Panic!

Like the characters in Das Boot I'm hunkering down trying to endure the great battering that's taking place from the last few days. Some of the depth charges are causing damage and my ship is taking in water - but will it sink? I'll endure the losses because the gains could be spectacular when Joe public finally get it: gold and silver are the only true places of safety in the credit and liquidity crisis that's hitting now. The so-called "experts" are still recommending general equities and related funds. The Daily Mail did a spread yesterday in which not one "financial expert" recommended the precious metals or their stocks.

For now it just means enduring the suffering of the ignorant until the pain causes them to see what is before their noses.

HUI 270 is possible and there's no more dry powder left!

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