Thursday, 23 August 2007

Warwick Castle

Known for its earls in several Shakespeare plays, Warwick is a fine town with a magnificent castle. It's only six miles from Stratford and on a sunny day you can sit outside in the main market square and drink a pint of Polish beer. Not bad. Not bad at all - while I await the turn in precious metals and their associated stocks.

David Petch thinks the turn might take between four and six months. I think that it will be much sooner than that. Late August should see the turn and it will coincide with a gradual "flight to safety" from the main equity market. US one month and three month treasuries saw enormous demand this week. Gold's turn should be next because holders of US treasuries are surely holding depreciating assets. The Dollar will fall well below its current level and inflation is far higher than it is published by the Govt. Most western governments are doing the same - lying about inflation. The truth is the rarest commodity of all these days - rarer even than gold!

Just wish I had some funds to top up here. However I will not get leveraged to buy more gold and silver shares.

My next post will be on the PM poster, Goldrunner.

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