Monday, 3 September 2007

"Alias Grace" by Margaret Atwood: the Reverend Verringer

The Reverend Verringer

A liberal-minded social reformer who takes up Grace’s case and genuinely tries to “rescue” her. He seems to be a character who does not have ulterior motives. He is a Methodist by conversion from the Church of England. The Methodists are rising in influence in 1850s Toronto. 89

The petition and the Committee. Verringer thinks that Government authorities are much more inclined nowadays to take expert opinion into consideration. This is where Doctor Jordan fits in, as a qualified expert to influence the Government when the petition submitted in future. 86-87.

Verringer on the worst men from the institutions who had affected Grace.

Warden Smith of the Penitentiary, “The man was notoriously corrupt, and most unfit for his position. . . . it is to Grace Marks’ mistreatment at his hands that I attribute her interlude of insanity”. Rev. Verringer, 90

Dr. Bannerling ( Would not release her and may have raped her). “A Tory, of course, of the deepest dye”. Rev. Verringer. 90

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