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"Alias Grace" by Margaret Atwood: it is not just Grace who has a split personality

Split or multiple personalities/identities

Grace Marks
The novel's title, “Alias Grace”, suggests a double identity. Alias Grace and not Mary Whitney.

Jeremiah the peddler.
Dr. Jerome Dupont (although Jordan suspects differently) Dr. Jerome Dupont has the deep liquid eyes and intense gaze of a professional charlatan.” 95

Simon Jordan
t could be argued that in his relationship with Mrs Humphreys Simon shows another side to himself – a split personality
The following passage can be used as evidence to suggest the double-sidedness of Simon’s personality. Like Grace, there is a secret side who no-one sees – except the narrator and by extension, the readers. Remember that Simon becomes an amnesiac later in the novel and ends up as a different personality.

Jordan reflects on the his relationship with his landlady, Rachel and considers “Words of passion and burning love, of how he cannot resist her, which – strange to say – he actually believes at the time. During the day, Rachel is a burden, an encumbrance, and he wishes to be rid of her; but at night she’s an altogether different person, and so is he . . . He’s driven by what heels like uncontrollable desire; but apart from that – apart from himself, at these times, as the sheets toss like waves, . . . another part of himself stands with folded arms, fully clothed, merely curious, merely observing. How far, exactly, will he go? How far in? 425-6


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