Monday, 3 September 2007

"Alias Grace" by Margaret Atwood: Thomas Kinnear

Thomas Kinnear

“Mr Kinnear was a gentleman of a fine Scottish family, and easy-going in his habits, and was not married.” 233

Keeps a painting of naked women in his bedroom. (Grace 248)

He is a hypochondriac
Nancy to Grace on Kinnear feeling “ill”. “Sometimes he fancies he is. But it is all in his head. He wants to be fussed over” 256 (However Nancy likes to “fuss” over Kinnear.) 257

Grace wonders why the Dr. Reid comes to visit him when she thought that the doctor was summoned for the pregnant Nancy:“Mr. Kinnear had been reading too many medical journal, which game him ideas, and caused him to imagine things; and that there was nothing wrong with him that a healthy diet and regular hours would not cure; but for the sake of his liver he should limit his drink”. (This suggests that Kinnear is a selfish man. Grace again goes on to set the tone of oncoming death: This speech relieved me; yet I reflected what it was a thing a doctor may say to a man who is dying, to spare him the worry”. Grace may be misconstruing as the Doctor speaks with Nancy too. 316

He is not trusted by the gentry in the neighbourhood
He is seen as a bad influence by his female neighbours.
Grace: “Nancy said that Mr Kinnear was considered a bad influence by Mrs Bridgeford., who thought she was the Queen of France” 266 (Nancy obviously disagrees!)

“First he will go to Colonel Bridgeford’s, whose wife is away from home, and the two daughters as well, so he can visit safetly, but when she is there he is not received”. 266

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